The perfect storm of players to form

The Bulgarian Powerhouse

Global Offensive Champions League

Back to Back Winners

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Our Team

All Players Staff
Dennyslaw AWP
Denislav Dimitrov
SHiPZ Star
Georgi Grigorov
Rainwaker Star
Aleks Petrov
Patrick Support
Ivan Ivanov
niki1 Leader
Nikolay Panteleev
Fisic0 Analyst
Carmine Lorusso
Cossaq Manager
Joanna Psychologist
Joanna Znosko

500 aims to establish themselves as the strongest roster Bulgaria ever had


Joanna Znosko - Team Psychologist

Joanna Znosko - Team Psychologist

As a psychologist in e-sport I support players in optimizing their in-game performance and taking care of their wellbeing in and outside of training.
My job is to work with the player, to set goals together, and choose methods that I think will work best.

I foster skills that improve practice efficiency and help reach and maintain peak performance.
Through mental training players can work on their confidence, focus, ability to deal with pressure, and many more.

It’s always an individual set of skills that will be the right fit for each person. Working with an organization I also help create a strong, balanced line-up that works consistently to achieve their goals. At the end of the day we always compete as a team, so understanding each other and communicating effectively is essential. Together we put in the hours to make sure everything runs smoothly.